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3 Strategies For Turning Uncertainty Into a Clear Path Forward

Navigating uncertainty can be one of the most challenging experiences for any business, organization, or individual. When the waters of life become murky and everything feels chaotic, it can be difficult to know what move to make next.

Fortunately, there are several strategies that can be used to gain clarity and focus amidst all the uncertainty. Through the combination of innovative problem solving and a strong network of support, uncertainty can be transformed into a clear path forward.

Below are three strategies that have been used to help bring clarity to moments of uncertainty in many different circumstances.

1. Reframe the Situation

The first step to reframing the situation is to take a step back and allow yourself time and space to think critically. This means getting out of your immediate “fight or flight” response and moving into an open and exploratory mindset. Try to distance yourself from the problem as much as possible and look at the situation from a new perspective. This will help to open up space for creative solutions and new ideas that could not have been seen if you were stuck in a cycle of negativity. Once you feel you have a fresh and open perspective on the situation, you can begin to take the time to evaluate it from various angles. This means looking at the problem both objectively and subjectively, while also considering what it is you can and cannot control. This allows you to separate the controllable and manageable elements of the situation from the uncontrollable and chaotic ones. This type of evaluation can provide the clarity necessary to move forward with a plan of action.

2. Connect With Your Support Network

Uncertainty can often feel isolating and overwhelming, so it is important to remember that you never have to face it alone. Be sure to reach out to your support network and utilize their wisdom and guidance to help chart a path forward. This type of issuing does not always have to come from an expert or mentor. It can often be helpful to simply have a supportive person who can help provide perspective and insight into your current situation. Touching base with someone you trust often helps to mitigate anxiety and fear that can come with uncertainty. Speaking these feelings out loud allows them to take on a less intimidating form and gives you the chance to talk through possible solutions. This can help you develop strategies to address the problem in a more effective and productive manner. The important thing to remember is to find a balance within your support network. Make sure that you are not relying too heavily on their advice, as it is still important to trust your own intuition and thought process. It is possible for others to have a biased opinion when it comes to an unknown situation, so be open and yet also selective with the opinions of others.

3. Adapt and Innovate

Once you have evaluated and reframed the situation and consulted with your support network, it is time to move into an innovative problem-solving space. This means allowing yourself the space to think outside the box and to explore various alternatives and possibilities. Start by making a list of possible solutions and then research and evaluate each one. Consider the short and long-term implications, the energy it will require to be successful, and the potential risks. This will help to ensure that you make an informed decision that is right for you. It is also important to remember that uncertainty often brings opportunities to explore new ventures. This is a chance to break a long-standing pattern and challenge yourself to try something different. Perhaps there is something that you have wanted to do for a long time but have been too afraid to commit to. If so, this can be a great time to go for it and see what new paths and relationships may be available.


When confronted with uncertainty, it is important to remember that there are several strategies available to bring clarity and focus. This can be effectively accomplished by making time to evaluate the situation from a new perspective, connecting with your support network, and adapting and innovating when necessary. Through these strategies, it is possible to turn the chaos of uncertainty into a clear path forward.

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